about projection mapping

The video (projection) mapping is considered an innovative form of media art and refers to a video projection individually adapted to an object. The technique of video mapping is used among other things by artists and advertisers who want to make visual illusions on static objects. Video mapping is often combined with audio effects to create an audiovisual narrative. In electronic dance music it is becoming increasingly common for DJs to accompany their music with synchronized visuals. Although common projection screens are often used here, more and more artists are beginning to create custom projection objects onto which video mapping is then projected. Visual artists also use video mapping as a means of creative expression with the approach of increasing existing creative media such as painting, drawing or performative art. Thus, video mapping becomes a new form of expression that can transform creative ideas into 3D projections that have a particular effect on the viewer in their complexity.

about us

Radiate, is a Berlin artist group that specializes in projection mapping. It was founded at the beginning of 2015. Our work consists of mapping 3D or 2D projections on decoration objects, stage backdrops, advertising products, backdrops or buildings and to create an individual visual content.